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5 Chic Watches To Suit Every Occasion

Rotary-new-Oxford-collection5 Chic Watches To Suit Every Occasion

Where? Oxford, England, UK.

Exactly? Christ Church College, The Grand Café and various other quintessentially British Instagrammable backdrops.

When? October 2017

Why? In order to celebrate the launch of Rotary Watches’ new Oxford collection, the guys at Rotary loaded me up with 5 shiny new timepieces and packed me off to Oxford for a photoshoot.

The inspiration behind the collection is the eponymous city itself. So where better to shoot the range than in the hallowed corridors and majestic architecture of the city of scholars. Here’s The Style Traveller edit of the coolest watches from the new range and how I style them….

This is a sponsored post

Bonnie-Rakhit-Style-traveller-in-OxfordBonnie wears stripe jumpsuit by Silkfred, trainers by Jones the Bootmaker, coat by Joules and Oxford Blue Stainless Steel Quartz watch by Rotary.




Bonnie wears stripe school blazer by Zimmerman, shirt by Gant, denim hotpants by Levis, trainers by Jones the Bootmaker and Oxford Black Stainless Steel Quartz watch by Rotary.


Bonnie wears red jumper dress by Kate Spade, coat by Joules, wellies by Joules and Oxford Silver Stainless Steel Quartz Watch by Rotary.what-to-wear-in-Oxford-Kate-spade





Bonnie wears dress by Zimmerman, coat by Joules, heels by Aruna Seth and Oxford Rose Gold Stainless Steel Watch by Rotary.

best-womens-watches-aw17-rotary best-xmas-watches-for-herBonnie-Rakhit-Style-traveller-oxford-watches-zimmerman

Bonnie wears pink lace dress by Bronx and Branco, bag by Louis Vuitton. wellies by Joules and Oxford Silver Stainless Steel Quartz watch by Rotary.Best-watches-rotary-oxford-collection


Thanks so much to Rotary for providing me with the perfect arm candy for my trip to Oxford.

For more watch love check out Bonnie’s LFW post with Rotary.

Bon Voyage xx


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19 Discussions on
“5 Chic Watches To Suit Every Occasion”
  • of all the pieces of jewelry/accessories, I am fond of watches. The watches by Rotary looks elegant and I love the Oxford Rose Gold stainless steel watch. You manage to pull off all your looks with those watches. I love them all.

  • Wow you couldn’t pick a more perfect location than Oxford for your rotary watches. I love how each watch was featured against a quintessentially British pastime and outfit!

  • The places where you took your photos are stunning, I love your choices! You have very good tastes with your outfits. And the watches definitely go very well with all of them. I love when a watch is easy to wear, it’s one of the most important criterias for me.

  • I have never thought about coordinating my watch to more than just my outfit – a very interesting read for me. BTW your photographer is awesome!

  • I am a person who’s all bout black. Watches add that girl boss thing to the whole look, ig. Have seen a few by Rotatory and I absolutely love their style!
    Ps. Your appreciate your choice ;)

  • I always liked designs Rotary watches but then I found out that it is no more owned by a Swiss manufacturer rather they are made in probably China or somewhere else in Asia and therefore Swiss made is missing. I wish it was a Swiss made! Great designs though!

  • What a great opportunity, all the way around! Going to Oxford, wearing the beautiful outfits and watches, and all as a sponsored post. Good for you! I have never had sponsored post opportunity like this, so clearly I don’t know where to find them! I think my favorite outfit AND watch happen to be the pink outfit and watch you’re wearing to accompany it.

  • Beautiful timepieces. I love the classic design. I won’t have a hard time matching it with different outfits. The style of these watches are so elegant they will never go out of style.

  • I love watches and have a whole collection of them. I love how different pieces can help accessorize your outfit and take it to the next level. You have done a great job in highlighting the watches by wearing them with different pieces!

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