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Chilling At The Ice Hotel Sweden

The Style Traveller Bonnie Rakhit Ice Hotel

Chilling At The Ice Hotel Sweden

Where? The Ice Hotel, Sweden          When? April 2016

Exactly? Situated 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, in the Swedish uplands lies the original Ice Hotel in Kiruna. Every year the architects use 30,000 cubic metres of snice (snow and ice), plus 1000 tonnes of ice, made into gigantic ice blocks to create the iconic structure. Come summer the hotel then melts back into the adjacent River Torne.

To celebrate it’s 25th anniversary, this year the hotel is being built to last the whole 12 months and bypass the melting ceremony, it’ll be run on solar power.

The Style Traveller Bonnie Rakhit Ice Hote Woolrich

Why? I was lucky enough to be invited out to the Ice Hotel by Swedish Car Brand Volvo, to test drive the powerful XC90 4×4 Hybrid car. Not only did we try out the car in a nifty bit of off roading, over the frozen wilderness, but also managed to fit in one night sleeping in an ice room, an evening skidoo ride, dog sledding and we saw the elusive northern lights. Keep scrolling to see The Style Traveller photo diary from the Ice Hotel.

The Style Traveller Volvo XC90 T8 Bonnie RakhitAbove: Bonnie takes the Volvo XC90 out for a bit of spin, off roading on the snow.

Bonnie wears Silver coat Woolrich, White sweater Me & Em, Black jeans BDG at Urban Outfitters, Boots by Sorel
and Sunglasses by Westward Leaning.

Opening shot Bonnie in the Ice Hotel corridors in white Ted Baker dress.

Dragon_Residence_at the Ice Hotel-_Photo_Paulina_Holmgren Ice Hotel

Artists from all over the world are invited to submit interior designs for each of the suites at The Ice Hotel. Above is the Oriental suite and below is the deluxe suite. And yes you do have to sleep on a bed of ice.

Ice hotel duluxe suite The Style

The rooms aren’t made to spend time in, it’s minus 5 degrees Celsius inside, you only really use them to sleep. The hotel lays deer skin rugs on the ice which provides a protective, insulation layer between you and the ice, as well as specialist sleeping bags to help keep you warm in the sub zero temperatures. Believe it or not it’s actually quite warm at night, I managed to get a good nights sleep.

Bonnie The Style Traveller in an Ice room

Church at The Ice Hotel The Style TravellerPictured above the Ice church where the hotel the hotel holds wedding ceremonies for up to 40 guests.
Chilling At The Ice Hotel, SwedenAbove: Bonnie checking in at The Ice Hotel. Suit case from American Tourister clothing credits as above.

Eating and Drinking

We were invited to a have dinner at the Ice Restaurant and try out the special four course Ice Menu, where all the courses are served to you on, you guessed it, ice plates. Pictured below is the delicate black roe and waffle starter. Which was followed by Froyalax salmon with soy and wasabi and the curious sounding, yet delicious main course of reindeer with chocolate sauce!
Ice menu food ice hotel sweden
Dog Sledding Ice Hotel Sweden The Style Traveller

What to do at The Ice Hotel

We had a jam packed itinerary of exciting activities, from husky dog sledding, Volvo off roading, Ice sculpting and the night time skidoo ride in search of the northern lights. Keep scrolling to the pictures.

Dog Sledding Ice Hotel The Style Traveller

Above: Dog sledding. Style Traveller Tip – borrow the hotels specialist clothing for these trips. Temperatures can plummet to minus 30 degrees and the cold really kicks in. You also get quite mucky riding on the back of a sleigh, it has been known for the dogs to poo mid run! Yes this happens!!! We were lucky to have missed that particular experience!

Reindeer sleigh ride Ice hotel

Volvo XC90 Ice Hotel driving The Style Traveller 3The Volvo XC90 off roading experience.

We took the powerful, hybrid car off road for a speedy ride over the snow. Sunglasses on, hip hop tracks on (full blast on the pimped speakers of course) and foot down! So much fun.
The Style Traveller Volvo XC90 T8 driving Bonnie Rakhit

Volvo XC90 Ice Hotel driving The Style Traveller 2

We had so much fun in the car that even Adrian decided to come out from behind the camera for a little posing shot!

Adrian wears Coat by Woolrich, Boots by Sorel.

Night time skiddo ride Ice Hotel The Style Traveller

Night time skidoo ride

One of the most memorable adventures on the trip was the night time skidoo ride, in search of the Northern Lights. It was an evening drive over the spectacular wilderness in a skidoo cavalcade. We stopped off for a supper of reindeer stew in a quaint log cabin, then were guided out to an open field to see the Northern Lights. We were so lucky to catch them and managed to take some beautiful photos. Thanks Adrian for capturing the moment!

Northern light The Style Traveller

Ice Hotel warm cabins Sweden

Second night was in the comfort and heat of the log cabin warm rooms. Pictured above. Give me wifi and warmth!

Bonnie Style Traveller Sweaty Betty

Above: Bonnie wears Ski salopettes and base layer top by Sweaty Betty, Boots by Sorel.

The Style Traveller Bonnie Rakhit Ice Hotel Volvo

Thanks for a great trip Volvo and good bye from the Ice Hotel.

Next stop LA road trip!

The Style Traveller Volvo XC90 T8 luxury cars Bonnie Rakhit

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