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Italian Road Trip to Tuscany with Ferrari

The Style Traveller Bonnie Rakhit Ferrari Shoot 1Italian Road Trip to Tuscany with Ferrari

Where? Tuscany, Italy.

When? Summer 2017

Why? As you’ll have probably have gathered by now I’m a bit of petrol head, not in your ‘memorising top speeds and engine power of car models kind-of-way’ but in a ‘I love posing in a convertible, going for drives in super fast cars and hearing the engine rev’ kind-of-way. The sexy girly way!

So when the team Ferrari in Italy asked me if I wanted to come to Tuscany to test drive the new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso model, you can imagine how excited I was.

Trip to Italy + Supercar + TheStyleTraveller = A MOST AWESOME ADVENTURE!!!

I’ve also just launched my new You Tube Channel, so scroll to the bottom to find the link to my first ever video!!! The FERRARI TRIP VLOG. Make sure you watch it till the end though, there’s a bit of a shocking car crash moment in there arghhhhh!!!!


So I’m not going to pretend I know what all of the next paragraph means, but I believe it is of interest if you’re considering buying one of these puppies!!

The Vital Stats

The Ferrari Lusso GTC4 is four seater, urban sports car. It perfectly combines all the elegance of a sports car with the functionality of a GT model (Gran Turismo which in Italian means ‘great touring’ for longer journeys). With it’s powerful V8 engine it can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds and has a maximum speed of 320km/h not that there’s much call for that top speed on the streets of London, but at least you know!

It’s powerful yet sophisticated, sporty yet luxurious. It’s aimed at young city dwellers who want a super sleek car to nip around town in and then head to the countryside on weekends. It’s perfect for young urbanites, as well as an option for young families as it’s a four seater. So it is aimed at me it seems! If only the bank balance would extend to this. Can I have a discount please Mr Ferrari??

Ferrari trip to Tuscany

Shots from the photoshoot in the Tuscan hills. Bonnie wears jumpsuit by La Space at Beach Cafe.

Ferrair lusso GTc4

So I took the Lusso out for a spin under the Tuscan sun through the winding hills and countryside of Siena. We stopped off on route for some scenic fashion shots, followed by a visit to the medieval town San Gimignano for lunch.

Ferrari trip lusso GTc4

I was part of a group of motoring journos and vloggers (and yes I was the only girl on the trip). We drove as a cavalcade for the first half, then as we all started to get into the drive, we quickly separated and sped off in different directions. Bonnie rakhit style traveller ferrari trip

Plotting! Trying to concoct a way of stealing it without anyone noticing!

The Style Traveller Bonnie Rakhit Ferrari Shoot

On route I stopped off in a quaint little town to get some fashion shots. The electric blue of Electra (that’s what I called her) was set off perfectly against the burnt Siena and terracotta walls of the rustic Italian architecture.

driving a ferrari in Italy

The Style Traveller Italy Ferrari trip

San Gimignano sunset fresco

We visited the walled medieval hill town of San Gimignano mid route for a spot of lunch and some sight seeing. The ‘town of fine towers’ as it is known, is a UNESCO world heritage site and its pristinely preserved buildings are beautiful examples of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

San Gimignano sunset

The Pallazo Comunial and Church of Sant Agostini in the town house an outstanding collection of frescos, some of which date back to the 14th and 15th century. The city was a commercial hub in the medieval era, famed for its fine wine and saffron and to this day sits proudly atop the Tuscan countryside like a majestic masterpiece.Bonnie rakhit San-Gimignano

what to wear in Tuscany

Bonnie wears skirt by Dorothee Schumacher, top by PLT and trainers by Converse.

girl driving a ferrari

The Verdict
I’ve driven the Ferrari California T model a couple of times now (see past blogs) but this was something else. So much more speed and the noise of the engine revving literally fills you with excitement!! It was easy to handle in the city and even better taking sharp corners and the winding routes of the Tuscan countryside. I would definietly get one if I could!

The Lusso GTC4 model retails at £200,165 on the road, going up to an insane amount if you go for the all singing all dancing souped up model. So I need to save up a bit longer then! Click here for more details.

Ferrari training driving school

girl driving Ferrari tuscany fields

Please head over to my NEW YOU TUBE CHANNEL to see the vlog of The Style Traveller trip to Italy and why I got into trouble with Ferrari right at the end of my trip!!!…. Sorry not sorry!! Click here to check it out

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Driving a Ferrari lusso in Italy

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“Italian Road Trip to Tuscany with Ferrari”
  • Woo, Bonnie! You look great driving those cars. The picture of the frecos inside the church kind of remind me of the scene with the church in The English Patient, if you’ve ever seen that movie!

  • Those Ferraris looks stunning – But you absolutely looks gorgeous Bonnie! And seems like you had a great time with this road trip.

  • What an awesome experience that was! Although I prefer crossovers, SUVs and trucks, I would still jump at any opportunity to test drive a Ferrari! Oh that would be so surreal!

  • Wow! The pictures are extremely great. You look absolutely stunning. I’m sure you had great fun being with vloggers and you must have captured many other beautiful moments.

  • Oh wow, Bonnie! This looks like an amazing adventure and a fabulous car! I don’t have drivers licence but I sure wouldn’t mind being driven in one of these around Tuscany!

  • What a beautiful and stunning pictures :) every dress you wore , this blur Ferrari and beautiful location , everything is making a beautiful combination. :)

  • Wow! Sounds like you had an amazing trip, and the photos are great too! I would love to drive a Ferrari one day.

  • just rubbing it in our faces aye !!!! looks like a great trip and it was entertaining to read – can’t get better with picturesque tuscany with a ferrari :p!!!

  • Oh my what an amazing trip! The cars and stunning and I absolutely love that you got to stop off along the way for fashion shoots.

  • Those pictures out there look absolutely stunning…needless to mention you as well as Ferrari ;)
    Someday, I would love to take a trip like that..

  • Nice, nice car. Really classy and I love how fast it could go. Of course, I won’t drive fast. I just love knowing it has the capability to reach top speeds. I dream of owning a Ferrari someday, but that would be after I buy a new truck, an SUV, and a Jeep. :)

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