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Cruising around the Greek Islands


Cruising around the Greek Islands

Where? Anchored with Unique Cruise on board a Royal Caribbean Ship.

When? Summer 2017

Exactly? We boarded the cruise in Rome, then set sail to Santorini & Mykonos. The ship does continue on to Cannes but I opted for the 4 day cruise rather than the full week.

The Trip? I was recently asked by Royal Caribbean Cruise ships to join the Anchored Event, which is billed as the world’s first festival on a cruise. It stops off at various party ports in Europe over 4 nights. I’m a lover of partying, travelling and festivals so I jumped onboard.

Here’s my Style Traveller photo diary and fashion look book of my Anchored Cruise trip and the gorgeous stop offs in Santorini and Mykonos.


Bonnie wears blue playsuit by Silk Fred in Santorini and opening photo Wedges by Kurt Geiger


The Cruise

Each day and night DJ’s and musicians take over the main pool area and throw very raucous parties. If you’re a hardcore partier and like staying out from dusk till dawn then this is the cruise for you.

For those looking for a chilled out travel experience, be warned, this probably isn’t the trip for you. It’s quite an intense partying experience. It’s aimed at party monsters who want to go clubbing morning, noon and night. I did have a lot of fun, but I just want to give prospective cruise bookers a few tips to make your trip more pleasant.



Firstly make sure that you book a cabin with windows and/or a balcony (yes there are rooms that don’t have natural daylight!).

The drinks are incredibly expensive so unless you have a black Amex card be wary. On average a spirit with mixer cost $25 dollars and one glass of wine is around USD $30. You can’t bring your own drinks on board either so if you want to drink, you have to adhere to these prices.

Everything about this cruise is about excess and indulgence. It’s not for families or people looking to spend a relaxing few days cruising around the med. Music pulsates from all areas of the ship at all times of day.

I did love the stop offs in Santorini and Mykonos, which were idyllic and a shame you couldn’t stay in them longer, but I guess that’s the nature of a cruise, it’s a series of small snap shots into new destinations.

 The-Style-Traveller-bonnie-rakhit-cruise-travelParty on… Bonnie by the pool which is the epicenter of the partying on board, from afternoon pool parties to the evening events hosted by international DJs and musicians like Tinie Tempah and Ants from Ibiza.


Me and girls in the hot tub at midnight, left to right: Lauren, Vicky and me.


What to wear on board

None of the traditional cruise sartorial rules apply on this particular trip, everyone dresses up to the max as though they are about to go clubbing in Ibiza and that’s in the day as well as at night. So get your metallic swimsuits at the ready girls!

On deck: Bonnie wears gold swimsuit by Boux Avenue, gold wedge shoes by Kurt Geiger and white lace throw on by Sosander.


Rock climbing in heels, it’s all the rage on board! Bonnie wears pink ruffle bikini by Boux Avenue, gold wedge shoes by Kurt Geiger.


Round of crazy golf anyone? Bonnie wears green slash bikini top and matching bottoms by Agent Provocateur, gold wedge shoes by Kurt Geiger.



First stop off on the boat was a blissful afternoon in Santorini. I’ve been to this stunning Greek island several times before, so the girls and I just had a lovely wander around Fira the capital city. It’s also well worth a visit to picturesque Oia with its famous (instagram friendly) architecture built into the cliffside.


We stopped off for lunch at a cute taverna – traditional Greek salad, over looking the Caldera Volcano.


Bonnie wears blue playsuit by Silk Fred in Santorini. Use Discount Code BONNIEJULY to get 10% off.


It was a fleeting visit, we spent the afternoon in Santorini then had to get back on board for an over night journey to Mykonos.



The second and final stop for us was in Mykonos. I Love Mykonos it’s such a party town, but we literally had the day there before getting our flight back to London, so we checked in to my favourite hotel on the island, The Grace Mykonos for some much needed pampering.

We had a divine lunch by the pool and a relaxing swim before heading to the airport feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Bonnie wears crochet bikini by Lisa Marie.



Lunch is served poolside at the Grace Mykonos.


Bonnie wears blue crochet dress Silk Fred. Use Discount Code BONNIEJULY to get 10% off.


Stunning Pool with spectacular views over the bay at The Mykonos Grace. It’s a truly blissful experience.

Bye Bye from Greece and Anchored Cruise, Next stop The Cayman Islands.
Bon Voyage x

unique party cruise anchored


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“Cruising around the Greek Islands”
  • OMG! Santorini! one of the travel destination on my bucket list. Hopefully, I could visit soon. I imagine myself cruising on Greek Islands. Seems fun and exciting as I can see from your pictures.

  • I did a cruise through the Greek Isles last October and I have to admit, I do believe it has been one of my most favorite adventures of my life thus far!!

  • A) You look absolutely amazing and look like so much fun to cruise with. B) I love Royal Carribean. C) This makes me want to go on a cruise right now! Thanks.

  • I love the gold lame swimsuit on you best with the gold wedges that is definitely perfect for cruising around the greek islands. I like the sound of booking a cabin with natural light :) x

  • I love all the swim suits you wore. If I were to choose, I think the one you used for the rock climbing photo op was really cute. That was a great cruise you took. I love Greece and would be more than willing to go visit Santorini and Myconos once more.

  • I am not a party goer but i a Royal Carribean Cruise is a dream come true. I love to see Greece and would love to visit Santorini and Myconos in the future. However , I like all the swimsuits Bonnie wore, especially the gold swimsuit. It fits her perfectly, she has a nice and fantastic body.

  • The Royal Caribbean Cruise during their Anchored Event looks like it was a lot of fun to attend. It would be nice to indulgence in the many pleasure as long as you had the money. I would love to go on a cruise around the Greek Islands some day. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos and experiences.

  • I’ve never been to Greece before but I work with someone who orginates from there and visits regularly. I love seeing his photos and hearing stories, sounds like a beautiful country

  • Well, hello there and welcome to my country!!! I’m really thinking that cruising is the best way to see the Greek Islands, because they are all so beautiful, and you get to see a few islands at once. Anyway, lovely photos you got there! And the Festival idea? Totally awesome! Wish I knew this earlier!

  • Another amazing post! I’m always wondering where you’ve been to this time .. and a cruise in the Greek Islands sounds heavenly. As always, your looks are fab. Especially the swimsuits .. loving them all! x

  • what can I say? wow!
    great place for vacation, new taste of food, I’m sure that people in that place are friendly and hospitable. :)

  • Your pictures so beautiful and healthy! And this also give me some tips or how to wear swimsuits. So interesting, thanks for your blog!

  • Holy crap!! This is basically my dream vacation!! It looks amazing there–cannot wait to go and visit. You’re totally inspiring my wanderlust right now!

  • What a great trip that looks like you took. My husband has been wanting to take a cruise for forever. Looks like we will be planning one very soon.

  • Love the way you are dressed around there, the blue playsuit looks awesome :)
    We recently visited Santorini with our stay in Oia and am in love with the place :)

  • I feel like going there right now. Breathtaking place. One day I will definitely visit the place and I will be thanking you for letting me know of this heaven.

  • First of all, I love that blue playsuit. Secondly even as someone who’s not a fan of cruises I would up for this any day, it looks amazing!

  • Now I have beautiful feelings of wanderlust! My parents visited Greece a few years back and they told me how gorgeous it is. My husband and I look forwarding to traveling to Greece in 2020. Thanks for sharing the details of your summer vacation cruise.

  • Cruising is becoming a trend now and I cant wait to jump on that opportunity. You look fabulous as ever!

  • Firstly your outfits are amazing, you look stunning. The stops on the cruise sound really interesting but I am not a clubbing person so this cruise doesn’t sound like it’s right for me x

  • We did a cruise from Rome around the Mediterranean and I absolutely fell in love with the Greek islands. The people were so friendly and the views were of course spectacular!

  • YAS girl slaying it !!! I am obsessed with those espedrillas !!! Also I love Greece its always a blast and so pretty IRL and photos :) Glad you had fun !!

  • Love all your different swim suits, you look fabulous. I would say that the drinks are worth buying, I mean you can limit how many you have when it comes to being price concerned. This is a different type of cruise since it’s not about a relaxing environment.

  • All I can say is wow. You look stunning as always. And that’s so cool that you can do minigolf on board the cruise. I would love to go on a cruise in Greece. I have seen so many different pictures and it always looks incredible. So glad you had an amazing time.

  • Wow your photos are amazing and stunning. This sort of holiday cruise would of suited me in my younger days, and now I have small children I would love to do a Disney cruise!! Thanks for sharing x

  • Wow, everything about this post was just…WOW. I must admit, there were times when I felt hypnotized by the screen while scrolling down haha. This cruise looks pretty sweet. A tad bit expensive, but tons of fun I’m sure!

  • Those photos are fantastic. I would love to visit Santorini it’s on my list. It look great there. That blue sky is so much better than the grey we have at the moment in the UK.

  • i am sure you couldnt wait for the santorini photos!!! very beautiful pics and info!! btw – age range did you notice on the cruise?

  • I can tell you had a blast and that this cruise was for party all night types. Good for you. I’d join it for the stops at Mykonos and Santorini.

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