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Learn, Create, Do – Fun Things to do at Home Today

Learn, Create, Do - Fun Things to do at Home Today
Bonnie working from home on #dressUpFriday ready for the streaming of the Bolshoi Ballet

Here in london as we roll in to the third week of isolation I’m guessing you, like me, might be running out of things to do at home and are in need of a little creative inspiration.

Well if that’s the case then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here at style traveller HQ I’ve compiled a fun and educational list of pursuits which can keep you occupied over the coming weeks, as well as help you to grow, learn, create and organise. 

I’ve picked activities which help to expand our knowledge or skill base, encourage creativity or simply catch up on all the things that we always forget to do or never got round to doing. There’s never been a better time to do it!

Keep scrolling to see the style travellers list of Fun Things to do at Home Today – Learn, Create, Do


Sistine chapel all to yourself virtually
Explore the Sistine Chapel minus the tourists…virtually


Master the arts – virtually

Didn’t have time to visit your favourite gallery before? Well now you can wander the virtual halls and galleries of some of the best art institutions in the world.

From The British Museum, the Hermitage in Russia to the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, take virtual tours through their exceptional collections online.

Not content with the resident collections, well then head to my favourite gallery The Tate Modern UK who’s curators have filmed this wonderful narrated walk through of the new Andy Warhol exhibition which was due to open this month.

Here’s some of my favourites: The British Museum, London, UK The National Gallery, London, UK Architecture tour of Guggenheim, Bilbou Reiks Museum Amsterdam Sistine Chapel Vatican City Museum The Hermitage St Petersburg National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City Getty Museum, Los Angeles, US Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Language apps can be downloaded straight to your phone
Download language apps direct to your phone

Learn a new language

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, there’s never been a better time.

With educational apps such as Rosetta Stone and Babbel offering online and mobile app courses you could be fluent in over 24 languages by the end of lock down.

Graduate from an Ivy League University

Ever fancied getting a degree from an Ivy league university? Whether it’s a business degree from Harvard, Art History at Penn or an introduction to classical music at Yale, head over to Free Code Camp to access over 450 courses online absolutely free.

You can also pay for a certificate at the end of the course should you wish.

Streaming Culture

Indulge in a spot of culture from your sofa. A wide range of theatres and institutions are offering free showings of some of their most loved plays and productions over on You Tube.

Favourites amongst them include the National Theatre showing One Man, Two Governors featuring James Cordon at his best and other productions on You Tube.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is showing Hamlet and other plays, The Russian Bolshoi Ballet is sharing dance performances such as the Nutcracker and Cirque du Soleil streaming special 1 hour long performances.

Broaden your skill base

There’s never been a better time to learn new skills. From free online You Tube courses in becoming a master at Adobe photoshop (I’ve done this, it’s great), movie editing or try your hand at coding for free with Codeacademy.

If you have a little budget to spend head over Masterclass to enroll on classes taught by the masters, such as film making with Martin Scorsese, acting with Natalie Portman and photography with Annie Leibovitz.

Film Buff or Book Worm

Want to read more but not sure where to start, well check out GoodReads top 100 books to read. Including all the classics like The Great Gatsby and 1984 to more contemporary works such as the recently televised Margaret Atwood novel, A Handmaid’s Tale.

From 2001: A Space Odyssey to Apocalypse Now see how many of the BFI’s 100 greatest films of all time you can tick off.

Behind the scenes filming of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Create – Get Hands On & Crafty

Paint, knitting, embroidery, Cooking, drawing, gardening whatever your passion get on board with it now. Scour You Tube and Pinterest for inspo.

If you need a little art inspiration you can join the Royal Academy’s daily doodling challenge or check out some the Tate Modern’s arty activities to do at home! Great if you have kids but fun even if you don’t.

Do – Make yourself useful

If you’re fit and healthy and want to help your local community then please sign up for the Red Cross or NHS Volunteers. From making phone calls to elderly people living on their own to dropping off shopping for people who can’t leave the house, the tasks you take won’t break the social distancing rules.

House Keeping

Declutter your house, clean out your drawers, 

Curate inspo boards on how to make your home beautiful on Pinterest.

Revamp your CV. Try and sort out your finances.

Home socialising – Organise quiz night, games night, poker night with your friends over on TheHouseParty app or use the Zoom meeting platform to have a virtual coffee with colleagues and contacts.

Self Care

And after all of this activity don’t forget to take care your mind and body!

Remember to exercise! Some of my favourite You Tube videos include building up a sweat with Sweaty Betty & Barry’s bootcamp class with Anya Lahiri and Pop Sugar‘ fun fat-burning sessions.

For more chilled vibes try Yoga with 5 Parks with a beautiful Balinese beach backdrop or get those abs working with LA based trainer ThenX.

And always remember to save plenty of time for some ‘me time’. Indulge in bubbles and bath time, face masks, nurturing the mind with meditation, set goals with manifestation boards and try to get plenty of sleep.

I hope you found some of my suggestions useful, let me know what you think and also if you have any more ideas then please do add them in the comments below!

For more lock down blogs and hacks head to my post How To Successfully Work From Home.

That’s all for now guys. Lots of love to you all and hope to see you soon.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

If you fancy getting away from it all for a while head over to my You Tube channel for a little travel escapism xx

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“Learn, Create, Do – Fun Things to do at Home Today”
  • These are great tips! I especially love all the cultural tips, as they are also great for many families who are now homeschooling and can still expose their kids to great art, science and culture from the comfort of their own home. I would also add DIY and garden work (only cause those are things that are definitely on my list right now during lockdown!) :)

  • These are so fun! I studied art history in college, so I have been watching hours of SmartHistory from Kahn Academy….and cooking tons. I could use a little more self care, so I think I’ll take you up on that. Thanks for the ideas.

  • We are going to have to check out some of these things like watching the arts online. These are great ideas! I am definitely doing a lot of reading lately.

  • Great tips! I’ve definitely been indulging in self care and making sure to workout regularly for my mental and physical health.

  • I love these ideas! There are so many galleries, museums and universities opening up their (virtual) doors right now, it’s such a great opportunity to explore something new. Personally my books to read list is insane, and I’m feeling more creative than ever!!

  • So many free online resources, and virtual tours available, and I am so glad for many generous entities. This social distancing is bringing us the brighter side by using this free access.

  • Awesome ideas. Right now, I am learning a new language. Well, not actually new, but I am doing a refresher course in Mandarin. I can speak the language, but I can’t read the characters so that is what I am learning now. I am also using this extra time to polish up on my baking skills. So far my family loves what I make.

  • There are so many good idea’s here for sure. I try to make the best if my time and mix things up a bit toox

  • It is good to have some creative ways to spend time at home. These look like fun ideas. We are definitely trying to figure out how to pass the time.

  • Love these tips. I just signed for online courses. But you gave me some more fun and interesting ideas. Thanks!

  • Very into self-care, especially skincare as that tends to be forgotten. I’ve taken to baking and making no-dessert desserts so that’s a good one.

  • Love this! So many fab ideas and I love all your piccys too – you are looking amazing xx

  • Good of you to compile the fun activities to do at home. A virtual art tour and getting a degree from an Ivy league university sounds inviting. As well, the pictures are stunning.

  • Your red dress is stunning! I never think of the cultural things I could do from home. Thank you for the reminder. I am going to check out some museums and look at some LIVE shows as well

  • Great links in that post! I have been watching Cirque de Soile (I know I butchered that, lol), on Youtube a few times since being guaranteed, which was nice. That list on freecodecamp that you linked to is HUGE! I am going to send that to my daughter who is about to go to college when all of this stuff will be over. That way she can dive into something while we are in limbo. Thank you and blessings!

  • I still find it amazing people are saying they are bored. I’ve completely remodeled a room, decluttered, gotten gardening done, launched a virtual yoga studio, created a ton of content, and am learning to write left handed. Seriously there is so much you can do at home!

  • I have mentioned previously that I am doing a refresher course on Mandarin. After I am done with that, I am buying myself a paint by numbers kit. Being on lock down is not an excuse to just slack off. We need to keep those creative juices flowing!

  • You got me at self care and sitting in a bubble bath full of aromatic salts . And while I relax in the bath tub with a glass of wine I can virtually visits some great museums .

  • This is perfect timing thank you so much. Just been looking at these links and will be signing up try try one x

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