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Ten Fun Reasons To Go To Bermuda

Bonnie Rakhit style traveller 10 reasons to go to Bermuda baileys iceream

Ten Fun Reasons To Go To Bermuda

Where? Bermuda.

Exactly? 1000 miles north of the Caribbean, off the coast of North America just east of North Carolina, the tiny British colony of Bermuda lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

When to go? All year round. Bermuda has a lush sub tropical climate. Temperatures rarely drop below 12 degrees Centigrade in the winter months, making it an ideal all year round destination.

Why? I was incredibly  lucky to be invited on a press trip to Bermuda with the Bermuda Tourism Authority. It was five nights staying on the island and sampling some of the fun activities and adventures to be had.

Here’s the style traveller style guide and ten fun reasons to visit Bermuda…

colourful houses in bermuda

1) The Colourful Architecture

Whether you’re visiting the capital Hamilton or St George, the old capital, Bermuda is one of the most colourful places I’ve visited. Every single building is painted in candy colours making the whole island a real feast for the eyes and an instagrammers dream!

Below: Bonnie wears orange and black floral dress by Silk Fred in the colourful centre of St George.

Bonnie Rakhit style traveller 10 reasons to go to Bermuda


mangrove paddle boarding bermuda bonnie rakhit style traveller2) Mangrove paddle board adventures with Bermuda Adventures

I’m a huge fan of paddle boarding and have done it many times in various destinations, but never through the mangroves as we did on this trip. It felt like a real jungle adventure or assault course, paddling through the branches of the tree filled waters. I felt like Dora the Explorer!mangrove paddle boarding bermuda bonnie rakhit style traveller x3) Cave Massage at Prospero’s Cave: Natura Spa at Grotto Bay Hotel

I’m always obsessed with treatments and massages, but the spa at Grotto Bay has something way more special to offer. Hidden deep within the stunning Bermudian Crystal Caves, the Grotto Bay Hotel has built its spa and treatment pagodas inside the warm and magical cavernous environment.

Enjoy a relaxing signature massage surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites and the crystal clear warm waters of Prospero’s Cave. You can even go for a dip afterwards, which I highly recommend.

Natura Spa Serenity Cave grotto bay bermudaWalkways lead down to the massage pagodas overlooking the turquoise warm waters.Natura Spa Serenity Cave grotto bay bermuda x
RENAULT twizzy bermuda

4) Twizzy Invasion 

Measuring only 53km squared Bermuda isn’t huge, but there are areas of interest dotted all over the island. With the introduction of the new Renault Twizzy, the two seater mini electric car you can hire, you can zip all over the island whenever you choose and it’s the most fun way to get around too.

I loved our little Twizzy, we nicknamed him Toby Twizzy!

RENAULT twizzy bonnie rakhit style traveller bermuda

the Loren at pink beach bermuda

5) Stay Chic…

The Bermudian hotel scene just upped its game! For a long time Bermuda has been stuck in a bit of a time warp with a much older clientele visiting, but the island is seeing a resurge in trendy brands and hotels opening, in a bid to entice a younger market. With the fabulous Rosewood Bermuda offering old school decadence perfectly blended with new school luxury and the opening of uber trendy, design hotel The Loren at Pink Beach, the islands hotel offering just got way cooler!

Above and below: The Loren offers chic stylish alternative to the islands traditional heritage hotels.

the Loren at pink beach bermuda interiorsChic interiors at The LorenCastle Harbour Pool rosewood hotel

Above and below: International hip hoteliers Rosewood have created an incredible blend of tradition meets heritage, modern day luxury at The Rosewood Bermuda.

horizons pool beach rosewood bermuda

Above the pool bar at The Rosewood and below the Sense Spa.

Sense Spa Reflection Pool rosewood bemuda

6) Food and Drink

There are two sides to Bermuda’s eating habits. Whether you choose to go for trendy sushi and poke bowls at The Loren with a pool side view and Blue Restaurant, or traditional and ‘greasy but good’ island classics like a fish breakfast at Flame Restaurant or a Fish Sandwich (a naughty island speciality) at Art Mels, the food choice is diverse.

art mels fish sandwich bermuda

Above: the press trip gang, Charlie and me at Art Mels fish sandwich shop and below: enjoying trendy poke bowl and healthy salads at The Loren.

poke bowls Bonnie Rakhit Bermuda Some new restaurants of note are fine dining Huckleberry Restaurant at the Rosedon Hotel where you can chow down on a full lobster with champagne pairing or shrimp pictured below. Alternatively for a more casual but cool meal, nip into it’s trendy newby restaurants the deli style Devil’s Isle Coffee or the chic Village Pantry for a healthy menu with jazz music and fairy lights accompaniment.

huckleberry restaurant at the rosedon

Private Beach bermuda white sand

7) Hit the Beach 

If there’s one thing Bermuda does well it’s a beautiful beach! There are so many spectacular coves and bays dotted all around the island. If you only have a couple of days on the island I would recommend heading to Jobson’s cove beach – amazing views and pink sand, the waves are pretty strong though, so it’s not one for a leisurely dip.

Likewise Elbow Beach boasts seemingly endless miles of pink sand shore, head here for an afternoon of sunbathing and kite surfing if your extreme sports side needs indulging. Post sun bathing head up to Gibbs Hill lighthouse for stunning views of the island and ocean.

Jobson cove Bermuda

8) Sea splash cruise on the Happy Cat catamaran

All aboard the catamaran cruise with Sea Splash, to sale around the beautiful bays, enjoy the sea air and take the plunge for a spot of diving and snorkelling. It’s a fantastic way to while away the day and chill into the local island vibe.

seasplash catamaran cruise Bonnie Rakhit Bermuda

Above: Charlie and I onboard the Happy Cat catamaran.seasplash catamaran cruise drone Bermuda

9) Jet ski adventure 

For the intrepid amongst you take a tour of the island the exciting way, driving your own jet ski. The tour takes a couple of hours and you get to see the island from a different perspective. Say hi to the shoals of fish and baby turtles that you’ll visit on route.Jet skiing in Bermuda

10) Tobacco bay beachside cocktails 

Bermuda wouldn’t be Bermuda without sundowner cocktails. The two island specialities are a rum based Dark’n’Stormy and the Rum Swizzle, both deliciously potent and sweet.  One of the loveliest spots on the island to enjoy sunset cocktails is Tobacco Bay. More shabby than chic, but the view of the turquoise water is gorgeous. Cheers!

sunset cocktails at Tabacco bay Bermuda

Huge thank you to the Bermuda Tourism Authority and specifically to Sam and Jill for organising such a great trip. It’s such a fantastic destination and I hope to visit again soon.

See you next time for the fashion – packing special, a winter sun holiday wardrobe shot on location in Bermuda.

Bon voyage xx

Bonnie Rakhit style traveller 10 fun things to do in Bermuda

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“Ten Fun Reasons To Go To Bermuda”
  • Loved the Mangrove paddle board adventures among other things. Never saw that one before. Bermuda is a beach bum’s destination and diver’s paradise. Need to dive down there!

  • From the architectures to the white sand, blue and clear beaches, beautiful cave and mouth-watering food, Bermuda is a must-visit place indeed! The stay seems to be relaxing and worth your money. I hope I could visit too. I would love to have the cave spa at Prospero’s Cave

  • The moe I read about your adventures in Bermuda the more in awe I became! I wonder if this is one of the points ofthe infamous Bermuda Triangle though!

  • Oh my. These places in Bermuda are pure luxury! Those pools are to die for! I have not been out of the country in a while and I am wishing I could tick off some of the places in my bucket list – Bermuda included. :)

  • I love how you described yourself as Dora The Explorer because it is so true, you always go on the most amazing adventures and Bermuda looks delightful. I love the sound of paddle boarding as it is something that I have wanted to try but have never tried before!

  • OMG. I need no more convincing. Bermuda is a dream destination and it has been in my bucket list for the longest time. How I wish I had the money to just pack my bags right now and fly out!

  • I’ve heard a lot about Bermuda, but seriously the place is soooo beautiful! I would love to go there someday. That cave and the hotel struck me.

    • Come to think of it Bermuda really does draw parallels to Bermuda but both are beautiful in their own separate ways too! I love the colourful architecture and of course the mangrove paddleboarding looks like so much fun!

  • You really an inspiration for me to complete my dream to travel this entire world. I am recently covering with India. Later will start moving ourside.

  • wow! I don’t think there is a word to describe this place other than being a paradise! Despite the negative depiction of Bermuda (you know the undying conspiracy ) , you just proved how awesome this place is! That underground spa is truly magnificent and the luxurious hotels and pools too! This is the kind of staycation I really want to have

  • It’s a great place for a summer trip. One thing I think is here is that it has made great pictures for you. I will save it and come here in the near future.

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