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Bahamas Carnival – A Photo Diary

Bahamas Carnival

Where? The Junkanoo Carnival, Bahamas

When? May 2015

Why? I spent a few days dancing with the dance troops at the Junkanoo Carnival in Nassau, in The Bahamas. Here is my colourful, photo diary of the main days from the vibrant street processions.

Bahamas Carnival costumes

The day before the festivities, I visited the Carnival Village Project in Nassau, to hear tales and the history of carnival. We learnt how to make the costumes and got to try on a few too. (dream!) To find out how to join a carnival troop for the road fever procession click here.
Caribbean carnival
Above and below: Vibrant, colourful costumes of the dance troops
Caribbean carnival

The procession continues for hours in the searing heat, but the sound stations and uplifting music keep the dancers, dancing and smiling.
carnival dance troop

Bahamas Carnival fashionMy fellow traveller Inna (above) has a boogie with the brass band players.

carnival girl

Below: Yasmina and I, make friends with the troop and have a dance
The Style Traveller at bahamas carnival

Bahamas Carnival - A photo diar

Below: As well as the huge dance stations, live bands play in many of the troops.
Junkanoo bahamas

And as night falls we all make our way to the main arena, where dancing and festivities continue into the early hours. Make sure you have the stamina, we were out till 5am!
Junkanoo Bahamas carnival
For my style guide to Nassau click here…

1 Discussion on “Bahamas Carnival – A Photo Diary”
  • It was an awesome feeling to take part in the first year of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival…it was an even better experience to be apart of an excellent energetic and well organized group……..Bahamas Masqueraders!!! 2015 was epic can’t wait for 2016 to roll around..bigger and better is to come!!! P.s i love how I made to your cover photo (right side) see you next year!!! Join!! Play mas with one of the elite!!!

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