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The Most Luxurious Hotel in Morocco – The Royal Mansour

Bonnie in the grand atrium at the Royal Mansour

Where: Staying at the most luxurious hotel in Morocco – The Royal Mansour

There are luxury hotels, and then there are ‘Uber LUXURY’ hotels and the Royal Mansour in Marrakesh falls into the second category.

That’s quite the introduction, but literally, the Royal Mansour has been voted one of Morocco’s (and also Africa’s) best hotels many times over.

And as the hotel was built by the King of Morocco, you’ll quite literally be staying in a palace.

The regal entrance to the hotel

VIP Treatment

The vip treatment begins as your flight lands at Marrakesh airport. All guests at the Royal Mansour are greeted, straight off the plane, by an official airport butler, who escorts you passed the queues.

They helped us to queue jump through passport control, through a secret vip security section and retrieved our luggage for us. Then the hotel chauffeur drove us straight to the hotel, completely bypassing the crowds.

The dusky pink tones of the exterior

As I arrived through the incredibly palatial driveway of the immaculate property, the rust colour of the terracotta walls, mimicing the dusky pinks of Marrakech Medina, gave me a warm welcome.

As did the waiting bell staff who escorted us to into reception for a swift check in and whisked our luggage off to our rooms in record speed.

Sumptuous fabrics and artisan craftsmanship

The Most Luxurious Hotel in Morocco – The Royal Mansour

It’s very rare to find a modern hotel which is as decoratively resplendent as the Royal Mansour. Every inch of the property has been painstakingly, hand crafted, by the best traditional artisans and craftspeople in Morocco.

Every minute detail has been aesthetically considered. Walking into the Royal Mansour is like waking into a work of art.

Bonnie in one of the many beautiful spaces in the hotel

As we made our way through beautifully ornate archways, walking along floors inlaid with exquisite marble and wood detailing, you can feel the luxury enveloping you.

Magnificent Murano crystal chandeliers, antique furnishing and decadent silk drapes, adorn the interiors. Walking between its cool marble courtyards, and warm pink exteriors, is like floating through a magical other-worldly Palace.

I love that the plants and gardens are specifically planted for shade and functionally, as well as aesthetics. There are several water features and fountains as you walk around the hotel, to enhance the feeling of well being.

Bedroom in the riad

The Rooms at The Royal Mansour

After our swift check in, we were whisked away to our enormous, palatial rooms. At the Royal Mansour they don’t do things by halves. Simply having one bedroom is not enough, you’re given a whole, riad to yourself.

Each riad consists of three stories of majestic rooms, with triple height ceilings, antique and exquisitely crafted furnishings and the most decadent, silk cushions and drapes you can imagine.

Downstairs is a luxurious living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a stunning courtyard to welcome you in. Courtyards are very popular in Moroccan architecture.

Beautiful courtyard at the entrance of my riad

The living room comes complete with an array of goodies from fine wine, homemade cakes and cookies, fresh fruit and of course Netflix on a giant, wide screen TV.

Walk up the marble staircase to the second floor where you’re greeted by the most magnificent, elegant bedroom.

The head board itself is hand carved into the entire back wall of the room. I’ve never slept in such a comfortable bed and of course there’s a pillow menu.

I love that the hotel slippers are shaped like traditional Moroccan slippers, with an up turned nose and are super soft.

Marble bathrooms with silver etched details

The en-suite bathroom has a full size marble plunge bathtub. Every piece of silver wear from the taps, to the shower door is hand etched with beautiful, geometric designs.

The cosmetic products are by trendy, sustainable, Moroccan brand, Maroc Maroc.  A Dyson hairdryer is on stand by and needless to say, the softly scented towels and robes are the most sumptuous imaginable.

On the third floor is your own private rooftop terrace, where you’ll find your own plunge pool, and a beautiful sun deck with chic day beds. The sweeping views over the terracotta rooftops is spectacular.

Filigree detailing at the Spa

The Spa at The Royal Mansour

Epic doesn’t begin to describe it. The award winning spa at the Royal Mansour is also instagram famous for its filigree, white, birdcage design. As you walk into the healing space, the stress of the world floats away.

I went for a swim in the heavenly indoor  swimming pool, which is housed in a Victorian conservatory. It’s perfect for cooler days. Followed by the most incredible, healing hammam treatment of washing, skin scrubs and massage, I’ve never felt so cleansed.

The indoor heated pool at the spa

We ended the spa day with a sound healing gong bath, which was magical. You can of course have the full array of classical treatments, manis, massages, and even hair styling. The spa was one of the highlights of my trip.

Bonnie feeling very happy at the spa

Food and drink

The culinary offering at the Royal Mansour is exceptional. You can eat at the Michelin starred chef duo, the Alajmo brothers’, Italian restaurant, Sesamo. It offers the freshest Venetian fair, in the most beautiful surroundings.

The Mezze starter at ‘La Grande Table Morocaine’ restaurant

The Traditional ‘La Grande Table Morocaine’ restaurant is one of the finest  Moroccan restaurants in Marrakech.

Indulge in sensational pastilla, tagines and cous cous and an incredible mezze feasts like nowhere else.

It’s all accompanied by the mesmerising sounds of the live musicians playing by candlelight. It’s a truly romantic and magical experience.

The Nest – dining in the treetops

In the day you can eat at the Nest, a treetop restaurant overlooking the pool. Or at the poolside, at Le Jardin restaurant, for a mix of delectable Asian, sushi, ceviche and European flavours.

Bonnie at Le Jardin

Outside the hotel, Marrakech has so much to offer. From the ancient Medina and Atlas Mountains, to the stylish YSL Gardens or an incredible hot air balloon ride over the Atlas Mountains. More on the in next weeks blog!

We took a magical hot air balloon ride over Marrakech with Ciel d’Afrique

And that brings my incredible trip to the Royal Mansour in Marrakech to an end. I have to say it is one of my all time favourite hotels in the world.

I hope that you enjoyed my Royal Mansour – The Most Luxurious Hotel in Morocco blog. A huge thank you to the Royal Mansour for such an incredibly special stay! you made me feel like a queen!

For more information on the Royal Mansour check out their website here.

And for more of Bonnie’s Moroccan adventures click here.

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