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The Ultimate African Safari Adventure with Fairmont Hotels

Bonnie Rakhit The Ultimate African Safari Adventure with Fairmont Hotels
The Ultimate African Safari Adventure with Fairmont Hotels

Where? On safari in Kenya with Fairmont Hotels. We stayed in three different destinations including the Fairmont Norfolk in Nairobi, the Fairmont Mara Safari Club and the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club.

When? June 2018

Why? Doing safari in Africa has always been on my bucket list of dream vacations. So when the lovely ladies at Citizen Femme invited me join them for a safari trip in Kenya, hosted by the luxury Fairmont Hotel Group I was over the moon! My travel buddies included the gorgeous Sheena from Citizen Femme and lovely fellow bloggers @theblondeflamingo (pictured below), @meg_legs and @andathousandwords

Bonnie Rakhit and Blonde Flamingo in Africa with citizen femme and fairmont

The Itinerary
Over our six night trip we spent the first and last night at the Fairmount Norfolk in Nairobi (the main international airport is in Nairobi so it’s a good idea to have a stop over here), two nights in the Masai Mara at the incredible Fairmont Mara Safari Club (where you’ll see the animals) and two nights at the Fairmont Mount Kenya, a peaceful retreat in the mountains.

This was a lovely itinerary with just about enough time in each destination, but you can tailor make yours to suit your needs. One thing I would recommend is to try and spend as much time in the Masai Mara as possible, perhaps three nights if you can, it’s a truly unique and magical experience.

Masai mara warriors dancing in kenya with fairmontThe Masai Mara tribesmen came to greet us on arrival with a ceremonial dance.Bonnie Rakhit, Meg legs and Blonde Flamingo in Africa with citizen femme and fairmont africa safariPictured above, me, @theblondeflamingo on top of the car and @meg_legs on the ground.

Fairmont Mara Safari Club

Upon landing in the Masai Mara the first thing we saw after hundreds of miles of ochre, arid, desert land and savannahs was the much welcome and astounding sight of giraffes and zebras grazing by the side of the airport landing strip. And so our incredible adventure began.

Now named one of the ‘new wonders of the world’ the Masai Mara is one of the largest game reserves in Kenya. Globally renowned for having one of the best populations of lions, cheetahs, leopards and Zebras, it’s a magical, dream destination for nature lovers.

Bonnie Rakhit staying at fairmont Masai Mara luxury tentWhere we stayed

A short jeep ride from the airstrip we were whisked to our luxury tented accommodation at the Fairmont Mara Safari Club. A village of 50 super luxurious tents surrounding a central reception (with good wifi!), bar, restaurant and swimming pool, each with chic, beautiful Masai Mara themed decor.

The tents are fitted out with four poster beds, toilet/bathrooms, hot water showers, full electricity, lamps, fridge, dressing tables and wardrobes. This might be outdoor living but expect to be totally pampered. And not a mosquito in sight!!Bonnie Rakhit staying at fairmont masai Mara luxury tent

The location of the hotel is set in middle of the Masai Mara flanked on three corners by the Mara River where hippos and crocodiles come to bathe. The grounds are manned 24/7 by game keepers, but being this close to nature means you’re right at the heart of all the action.Fairmont jeeps on best luxury masai mara safari tour

Daily schedule

A normal day would include a pre-sunrise wake up call where your butler brings you coffee and a light snack to your room, then it’s time to get in the jeeps and head out to see the animals at sunrise. The morning is filled with searching for the big 5! Lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes and elephants. We happened to see 4 of them on our very first morning drive.

We’d then head back to the hotel for breakfast, some chill time, perhaps a swim and then in the evening we’d drive out for another sunset drive in search of the animals again. Driving around the savannahs in the open topped jeeps is one of my most peaceful and wonderful memories from the trip, I loved every minute of it. Take plenty of sunscreen, a hat and a camera, there’s lots of water and cold towels provided on board.

Lion queen of the masai mara roaming wild

We spotted several lions on our trip, including this female lion above with her litter. We also saw  zebras, giraffes (as pictured above) and a whole plethora of other rare and magnificent creatures such as hippos, rhinos, poombahs (water hogs), ostriches, the list goes on.

Bonnie Rakhit, Meg legs, And a thousands words and Blonde Flamingo in Africa with citizen femme and fairmont africa safari

As well as our daily drives we also went to visit a traditional Mara village, where we got to see how they live, in mud huts and living from the fruits of the land. The local children were so adorable and were happy to pose for my photo below :)

Visiting a masai mara village Bonnie Rakhit

After the incredible Masai Mara experience, which I can safely say is one of the most incredible trips I’ve ever been on. It’s incredible how close you can get to nature. Meeting the people who survive in these extreme conditions and the sheer vastness of the savannahs, makes you realise just how wonderful the world is and how small your problems are, it really puts life into perspective.

Bonnie Rakhit staying at fairmont Mount KenyaFairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

Set in over 100 acres of tropically landscaped grounds, the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club boasts spectacular views over majestic Mount Kenya. Originally the holiday retreat of 1950’s Hollywood movie star William Holden, the hotel has retained its grandeur and you can see photos of past guests, including Sir Winston Churchill, Bing Crosby and Clint Eastwood as you wander through the airy colonial verandas. It’s like Africa’s Hollywood walk of fame!

Fairmont mount kenya luxury hotel Africa

One of the most unique things about this property is that the hotel lies on the equatorial line. One half of the hotel is north of the equator and the other in the Southern Hemisphere. On arrival you will be invited to an ‘equatorial ceremony’ where you can learn some fascinating facts about our planet and given a certificate to show you’ve stood on the equator.Fairmont mount kenya equator ceremonyWater flows in different directions on either side of the equator, the ceremony shows the science behind the process.
Fairmont mount kenya luxury hotel Africa bedrooms

Where we stayed

Rooms vary between the palatial suites in the main house and delightful, cosy cottages in the grounds. I had regular visits to my cottages private garden from one of the hotels resident peacocks, who would wish me good morning with a flamboyant display of his feathers.Bonnie Rakhit staying at fairmont Mount Kenya with the house bird the peacock

Below: The girls and I having a tropical afternoon tea by the pool. Left to right: me, @meg_legs and @theblondeflamingoBonnie Rakhit, meg legs, blonde Flamingo at fairmont Mount Kenya afternoon tea

Apart from simply relaxing and taking in the views there are a whole host of wonderful activities you can partake in at the hotel from pony treks with lavish outdoor breakfasts in the mountains, to cycling, golf, tennis, a visit to the hotels animal sanctuary where you can feed rescued wild animals, to enjoying meals in the fantastic restaurant and afternoon tea on the verandas.

Bonnie Rakhit staying at fairmont Mount Kenya horse riding trek

The horse whisperer! Me taking the ponies out for a trek in the mountains :) After the morning pony trek we enjoyed a gorgeous al fresco breakfast high up in the hills! Below: Meg and I cheers our pineapple juices!breakfast in the mountains at Fairmont mount kenya bonnie Rakhit and meg Legs

Bonnie Rakhit staying at fairmont Mount Kenya in Bahimi Beachwear

Time for a quick dip wearing my tribal inspired Bahimi Beachwear bikini.

Bonnie Rakhit at Fairmont Nairobi at the giraffe feeding park

Fairmont – The Norfolk in Nairobi

We stayed at the Fairmont Norfolk Hotel on arrival and departure from Nairobi. It’s a great place to stop over and relax before setting out on safari and likewise before flying home. The colonial hotel has excellent gym, spa and pool facilities and if you do stay more than one night, the Nairobi Giraffe sanctuary is worth a visit if you fancy getting up close and personal with these graceful creatures.

Fairmont jeeps on best luxury masai mara safari tour

That’s all from the Fairmont Kenya Safari trip, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Citizen Femme and Fairmont for organising such an incredible experience for me.

For more information or to book your own Kenyan safari trip, click here.

Thanks for stopping by, next stop Tenerife…

Bon voyage xxBonnie Rakhit at Faitmont Masai mara in the traditional mara check blanket

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